Summer Driving Advice to Heed Before Your Road Trip

July 27th, 2020 by

Summer Driving Advice to Heed Before Your Road Trip

With the sun staying out longer and longer, our want to get out and go grows bigger and bigger. But, before you pack up the car for a road trip, take a moment to refresh yourself with this short list of essential summer driving tips.

Stay Safe on the Roads This Summer

Check Your Tires

Be sure that each of your vehicle’s tires is fitted and inflated to the appropriate pressure per the manufacturer’s recommendations. This information will either be listed in your owner’s manual or on a placard on the driver’s side door frame. If you discover your tire is a bit deflated, you can take it to a nearby gas station and quickly fix the issue.

You should also keep a watchful eye on your tire’s treads. Cold weather and interactions with snow or ice can significantly degrade the durability of your tire’s treads.

Conduct Maintenance on Your Vehicle’s Vitals

During the winter, our tire’s critical systems can begin to deteriorate due to the frigid temperatures. Knowing this, make time before taking any serious road trip this summer to get your vehicle’s vitals checked out.

Some key pieces of maintenance to conduct include checking and potentially replacing your battery, making sure your vehicle has enough coolant, checking your vehicle’s belts and hoses for cracks or bulges, and replacing your vehicle’s wiper blades in anticipation of heavy summer rain.

Pack an Emergency Kit

You don’t want to be caught roadside in scorching heat with a busted car, no water, and a dying phone. While that may sound dire, it never hurts to be safe. A proper emergency kit can include items like:

  • Cold packs
  • Two water bottles per person
  • Jumper cables
  • Flashlight
  • First aid kit
  • Charging blocks and phone chargers
  • High-calorie, non-perishable food

Get Your Vehicle Serviced in Summit, NJ

Take a moment out of your day and make sure your vehicle is summer ready by coming into our service center at Douglas INFINITI in Summit, NJ. Our dedicated technicians will work with you to get your car exactly how you want it before that next big summer road trip.