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Did you know you can complete multiple steps of the car shopping journey online? Douglas INFINITI offers a simple online process that will help make buying your future vehicle of your dreams a convenient and super-efficient experience. It is very user-friendly and easy to navigate, and our live chat is available with our team to support you if you have any questions.

1. Where to Start

Whether it's searching our inventory for your preferred make and model, getting a value for your trade in, or something else that landed you on the Douglas INFINITI website, you've already begun the first step in the online car-buying process.

2. What's Next

Now that you have arrived here, the next step is to engage with our online Digital Retail Tool. It's set up to guide you through the car-buying process and answer questions you have about our inventory, vehicle details, estimate your payment and pricing options, and more. You can even use the Digital Retail tool to learn your trade-in value or schedule an in-store visit and test drive.

3. Other Options

If you're not interested in using the Digital Retail tool but would still like to explore options, you can use other resources on our website that help you gather information. Our site is full of buttons that guide you through different steps and get you closer to purchasing the vehicle of your dreams. These buttons include:

4. Final Steps

As you near the end of your car-buying journey, you'll be ready to see your chosen vehicle in person. The final step is to utilize the Schedule Test Drive button to easily schedule an in-store visit where you'll be able to seamlessly resume your journey at our dealership, test drive your vehicle, and finalize your deal.