INFINITI Lease-End Options in Summit, NJ, Near Westfield & Livingston

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INFINITI Lease-End Options in Summit, NJ, Near Westfield & Livingston

As your INFINITI lease nears its conclusion, Douglas INFINITI in Summit, NJ ‐ near Westfield, Livingston, and Scotch Plains ‐ wants you know all the different options available to you. Regardless of where you initially leased your vehicle, it’s our pleasure to talk with you about how we can meet your needs going forward.

  • Are you ready to discuss lowering your payment?
  • Is remote working keeping you out of the driver’s seat?
  • Time to consolidate those vehicle loans for a lower interest rate and payment?

Understanding what your options are is key. That’s why Douglas INFINITI is here to help.

Lease-End Options With Douglas INFINITI:

1. Purchase

INFINITI Lease-End Options

  • End of Lease Safety Inspection
  • Discuss Finance Options
  • Process DMV Requirements
  • Discuss Warranty Options and Certification
  • Preferred Benefits Extension

2. Exchange

INFINITI Lease-End Options

  • Loyalty Cash
  • Payment Waiver
  • Equity Review

3. Extend

INFINITI Lease-End Options

  • Discuss Lease Extension Options
  • Future Financing Options

4. Return

INFINITI Lease-End Options

  • Regardless Where You Leased From
  • Schedule a Final Inspection
  • Bring Lease to Dealership
  • Complete Required Paperwork


The best way to make the right choice is to contact us online or stop by to chat with one of our experienced team members. We’d love to speak with you about lowering your payments, meeting your changing vehicle needs, and more.


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