3 Car Activities That Aren’t Centered Around Driving

August 14th, 2020 by

3 Car Activities That Aren’t Centered Around Driving

Your car offers a variety of ways to help you enjoy your summer. Those don’t always include a ton of driving. Continue reading for some summer car activities to try with your family this season.

Summer Car Activities for the Whole Family

Teach your kids how to wash the car

While an automatic car wash may be convenient, washing your car at home is a valuable life skill to teach your kids and a great way to cool off on a hot, summer afternoon. All you need for this activity is a hose, a couple of buckets, car-safe soap, and a few sponges.

If you’re still feeling motivated once you’re done, you can also teach your kids how to wax the car. This final step will go a long way toward protecting the surface of your car between washes.

Find a drive-in movie theater

While a drive-in movie might sound like a thing of the past, you may be surprised to learn that you could live within driving distance of one. If you have young kids at home who are too young to sit quietly in a traditional theatre, this might be the perfect way to enjoy a family movie night without fear or disrupting other viewers.

Pack up a couple of your favorite movie snacks and drinks, bring some toys in case the little ones become restless, and throw a couple of blankets in the back so that everyone can stay comfortable and entertained.

Enjoy a night under the stars

The night sky is something to behold, and with so many cars now offering a wide, panoramic view through the sunroof, you can share this special experience of stargazing with your family. Your local weather station tracks any meteor showers that are expected to be visible in your area. Check to see when the next meteor event might occur, and then head out to a dark, secluded place where city lights won’t obstruct your view.

Even if you know nothing about the stars or about famous constellations, there are a variety of free stargazing apps you can download on your mobile device. Just recline your seats, open the sunroof, and enjoy the show.

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