Benefits of Buying Used and CPO From Douglas INFINITI in Summit

April 30th, 2021 by

There will almost surely come a time when you need to replace your vehicle. You may be tempted to go with a brand-new car straight from the manufacturer, but there’s an alternative option: used cars. Nowadays, more and more people are buying pre-owned cars to address their driving needs, whether it’s for everyday commuting to work, or simply taking a fun joy ride across the countryside. And for drivers in Summit, New Jersey, the used car dealership of choice is Douglas INFINITI.

Below, we go over the benefits of buying used.

Lower Insurance Costs

One of the many costs associated with a vehicle involves insurance. Believe it or not, used vehicles usually have lower insurance premiums than newer models. Check with your insurance provider to see if a used vehicle may be your best course of action cost-wise.

Less Depreciation

Most vehicles nowadays lose most of their value the moment you drive them off the lot. When you purchase a new car, your investment drops quickly. With a used vehicle, you’re starting off with a lower investment cost, so it will not depreciate as quickly. Luckily, used cars still remain quite valuable for a long time, which leads to the next point.

Improved Longevity

Modern cars are designed to last much longer. In the past, you could expect a car to start to lose its steam at approximately 100,000 miles. If you were to purchase a used model of a car manufactured within the last decade, you could expect it to have a longer lifespan. So, when you go and purchase a used car, you can rest assured knowing it will last you a long time, and you don’t need to pay a new car price.

Purchase a Used Car in Summit, NJ

If you’re in the market for a used car, check out Douglas INFINITI today. We also have a wide selection of CPO INFINITI vehicles with low mileage that are in excellent condition. Contact us to find out more about our used inventory, and learn what makes us such a highly-rated used car dealership in Summit, NJ.

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