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Oil Changes At Douglas INFINITI

You are never going to physically see what the oil inside your car’s engine is doing. But trust us, it’s going through a lot. With all the heat and moving parts inside of an INFINITI’s engine, it’s very important to make sure the oil is changed regularly. Oil changes keep the parts moving smoothly and keep the temperatures from hitting a breaking point.
When should I change my oil?

While many cars can go further than they used to on a single oil change, it is still a vitally important part of the service schedule. The best answer of when to change your oil is the time that your vehicle tells you to. Often, a service light will come on when that time has come. The service technician should then reset it upon your next oil change. If your vehicle is older, every 3 to 5,000 miles is a good bet. The older the vehicle, the more frequent the oil should be changed, as older engines can tend to go through oil at a quicker pace.

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